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Friday: School went by fast. I think I did ehhh on my exams but whatever. After school me & RedJen went to the Haircuttery to get our hair done. I just got twisties & she got her hair in like a nice bun thingy. After that I walked home & just chilled for a little. Then my mom came home & we picked up flowers & food. Then after I ate I washed my face & my mom helped me put on my makeup, then she curled my hair & I thought it looked like shit but everyone said it looked cute so yeah. Then my mom & brother went to Jens. Dan called me to see what time to come over & I didnt have my dress on & I was runnin late, but yeah. My family came over, I got my dress on, & then my mom, brother, & Dan came. It took awhile to finish gettin ready, but I was happy. Then we got pics & got in the limo & went to Kristens house. We got more pics, then left for the prom. It was soooo awsome & I had alot of fun. The food sucked, but I didnt really eat anyway so its kool. The night went fast & I really enjoyed myself. THANX SO MUCH DAN! I had a great time and I hope you had atleast 1/2 as much fun as I did. After the prom we went to the CLub House Diner, we ate, & had fun, & sang happy b-day to my brother. It was all good. AFter that we dropped off matt & Kev & I got to lay down in the back of the Limo yes! lol. Then the limo dropped the rest of us off at my house. Jens mom took Dan & Jen home. Melissa came over & they all spent the night.

Saturday: We got up pretty early & I was dead for the day. Kristen left early cux she had guard & Melissa left before her. Me,Sam, & Jenny Pooh went to South sT. It was kool I just wish I actually felt good. Then me & Sam went back to my house for a little, went to the mall & got my brothers b/day gift(DOGMA on DVD). Then we came home, gave it to him & just chilled for the rest of the night. We got bored so me, Lisa, & Sam got ice cream at Wawa. Theres some in the mailbox for you Lol! That was pretty much it for the night ... my brother & Tom broke the futon when we were gone but oh well. Thats about it.

Sunday: Woke up @ 2, family came over. I sruck around cuz it was the family party for my brother & my Grampy. Then I got a shower, we ate, sung happy birthday, blah blah blah. Everyone left & here I am.

No school tomorrow ... ScOrE!!!!
** I'd just like to thank Dan again for goin to my prom with me. I had an amazing time. And I hope everyone else had fun to. I love you all and Im glad we're all friends. To all my Ryan Junior girlies that I hung with ... 1 more time & its all over. & Dont forget that friends song. & All the senior judge guys, love yas too, youre pretty much outta there. Dont go to College too far.

~* Peace
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