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*TeeNie*'s Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in *TeeNie*'s LiveJournal:

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Friday, September 8th, 2006
8:36 am
I know Im never on here, but I thought this was postworthy. I'm engaged!!! That is all.
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
1:53 pm
holy shit, i just finished reading all of my journal entries I ever wrote, i read some last nite & some today. i had sooo much freakin fun when I was in highschool. I miss it all and I miss my friends. But at the same time I cant believe how depressed and upset I was. Yeah I can still get upset sometimes, but not to the point that I wanna die. crazyness

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, January 13th, 2006
1:30 pm
it been a long ass time.
I dont know if anyone still looks at this, but if you do here is my myspace http://www.myspace.com/starkissedmomma . So yous can all see me now. later

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, February 15th, 2003
11:51 am
HEY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just thought I would let everyone know that I am still alive ..... not that yas care.
Wednesday, May 1st, 2002
5:53 pm
LLK album ... coming out on June 4th! U know you want it. kick ass & rock on!!!
Saturday, April 20th, 2002
11:52 pm
FUCK YOU!!!!!! (lol Sam)
Today you told me that I'd hate you forever.
I can't believe whats really going on.
Somehow I knew that you felt guilty for something,
So tell me why ... you'd do this to me.
Today you told me that I'd hate you forever,
I can't believe that you'd wreck my life.
I was betrayed, How can you say that you feel sorry inside?
It's devastating losing close friends.
I've gone away, you make me stay
But I can't deal with these lies.
I've gone insane losing close friends.

Today I made the worst mistake,
I put my trust into someone I don't know.
And now I know because you've done everything possible to me,
Made me so upset.
And now I know just who to trust because you're layin in bed,
& thinkin' bout all that fucked up shit!

I was betrayed, how can you say that you feel sorry inside?
It's devastating losing close friends.
I've gone away, you make me stay
But I can't deal with these lies.
I've gone insane losing close friends.

I'm so weak
The closeness of your skin
The smell of this place
Makes me go insane
You make me go insane

I was betrayed, how can you say that you feel sorry inside?
It's devastating losing close friends.
I've gone away, you make me stay
But I can't deal with these lies.
I've gone insane losing close friends.

*I havent written in here because this is a fucking piece of shit that I hate & it never works for me so don't expect too many updates. DJ is so much better.

Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, April 7th, 2002
8:34 pm
Friday: School went by fast. I think I did ehhh on my exams but whatever. After school me & RedJen went to the Haircuttery to get our hair done. I just got twisties & she got her hair in like a nice bun thingy. After that I walked home & just chilled for a little. Then my mom came home & we picked up flowers & food. Then after I ate I washed my face & my mom helped me put on my makeup, then she curled my hair & I thought it looked like shit but everyone said it looked cute so yeah. Then my mom & brother went to Jens. Dan called me to see what time to come over & I didnt have my dress on & I was runnin late, but yeah. My family came over, I got my dress on, & then my mom, brother, & Dan came. It took awhile to finish gettin ready, but I was happy. Then we got pics & got in the limo & went to Kristens house. We got more pics, then left for the prom. It was soooo awsome & I had alot of fun. The food sucked, but I didnt really eat anyway so its kool. The night went fast & I really enjoyed myself. THANX SO MUCH DAN! I had a great time and I hope you had atleast 1/2 as much fun as I did. After the prom we went to the CLub House Diner, we ate, & had fun, & sang happy b-day to my brother. It was all good. AFter that we dropped off matt & Kev & I got to lay down in the back of the Limo yes! lol. Then the limo dropped the rest of us off at my house. Jens mom took Dan & Jen home. Melissa came over & they all spent the night.

Saturday: We got up pretty early & I was dead for the day. Kristen left early cux she had guard & Melissa left before her. Me,Sam, & Jenny Pooh went to South sT. It was kool I just wish I actually felt good. Then me & Sam went back to my house for a little, went to the mall & got my brothers b/day gift(DOGMA on DVD). Then we came home, gave it to him & just chilled for the rest of the night. We got bored so me, Lisa, & Sam got ice cream at Wawa. Theres some in the mailbox for you Lol! That was pretty much it for the night ... my brother & Tom broke the futon when we were gone but oh well. Thats about it.

Sunday: Woke up @ 2, family came over. I sruck around cuz it was the family party for my brother & my Grampy. Then I got a shower, we ate, sung happy birthday, blah blah blah. Everyone left & here I am.

No school tomorrow ... ScOrE!!!!
** I'd just like to thank Dan again for goin to my prom with me. I had an amazing time. And I hope everyone else had fun to. I love you all and Im glad we're all friends. To all my Ryan Junior girlies that I hung with ... 1 more time & its all over. & Dont forget that friends song. & All the senior judge guys, love yas too, youre pretty much outta there. Dont go to College too far.

~* Peace

Current Mood: exhausted
Monday, April 1st, 2002
11:03 pm
Easter Vaca is over :(
Wed: Cleaned & hung w/Katie & Sam. Went to Mills for a little less than an hour. Tara like definately hooked me up w/a "small" soda. & Katie rubbed some guys boobies, then we went back to my house.

Thurs: Slept & did some nothing, & More nothing then me & my homies went to Wawa & got FoOd & then came back to my house to watch tv & then farwell to them all.

Fri:Went to Nesham, got a rockin skirt, went to Wendys, ran into people, cuddled w/Casey on the bus cuz the guy next to me smelled really bad.

Sat: Got my roots done & my hair trimmed, went home & did nothing, talked to Casey, put on my rockin outfit, met Casey @ the bus stop, I did her hair, Sam came over & then we went to Neshaminy. Ya know me & Casey work @ Pin Ups lol. We met peoples up there & it was interesting.

Sun: Easter. Nothing too exciting really. Me & My step dad think my uncles afraid of Ham but whatever.

Mon: Sleep, dermatologist, WalMart, Sams Club, home, food, went up to Nesham. to by hair clips for prom, 2 girls wanted to beat my ass right Katie? lol, did alot of nothing, caught the 14, went to Dunkin Donuts, caught the 20, there was some drunk ass dude that Sam gave a token to that got on the 20 w/us. He was the biggest fuckin wigger. But oh so funny. Gimme some of dat it tastes good yo! Yo u dont need no more mascara, ur cheeks r rosy enough. lol! We could replace u w/a red light. I just wanted to know where u were comin from)the terminal u jack ass)! Whats the pink star stand 4? B/c its pretty. What about rainbow stars? Im gay lol Sam. & then yeah people were assholes but it was fun. I waved to that sexy ass dude w/the crystal eyes. I wasnt staring @ him, I swear lol Sam. I was real slick. Alls I can say was tonight rocked!& Sam u dont know what my dress looks like. *wink wink*
Well tomorrow I have to clean & do alot of school crap. I'll prolly only do 1/2 of it but oh wells.

Ahhhhh proms on friday already!

*sighs* Dont think too much or you'll get upset. Atleast thats how I am.

Current Mood: lonely
Thursday, March 28th, 2002
6:48 pm
Spring Break ... tis a beautiful thing. But, its never long enough oh well. These past 2 or 3 days I got a bra, pocketbook,my ticket, & shoes for the prom. & Today I got took my dress to get it altered. My shoes are pretty & glittery hehe. Alls I really havta do is pick up my dress when its done & save a few bucks for pics & whatever. I just wish the prom would get here so I can get it over with. Dont get me wrong, Im sure I'll have a descent time & it shall be interesting. But spending all the money & getting everything together is just too much of a hassle. Oh well. So yeah I have alot goin threw my head right now but oh wells.
Until next time .....
*sweet candy kisses*

Current Mood: lonely
Monday, March 25th, 2002
5:48 pm
*wow ...

Take the What Kind of Slacker are you? Quiz

Thats a big surprise(sarcasim)

Current Mood: crappy
Thursday, March 21st, 2002
5:57 pm
Just lookin back
I was just takin a look at a few of my previous entries & found this one from July 13th, 2001. Take a look:

They had no idea
They had no idea what was going through my mind.
They have no idea how I feel. They have no idea what I wanted to do tonight, and no idea what went on upstairs.

Kneeling on the bathroom floor with tears running
down my face... began to prick my wrist with a pin, then put it down and caressed my fragile skin with a razor blade... up and down my arm, stopping at my wrist. I held it there for a second or two, and began to stare. Though I did not, I wanted to cut. I thought about you, and how you are always there. I thought of you and began to care. Though you are there, I still want to cut. If I didnt have you, I probably would've had the guts.

How fucking stupid was I? Well, Im not that stupid anymore so thats all that matters. I have been looking back and thinking alot about how my life has changed since I started highschool. I met alot of new people, changed my outlook on life ... & alot of things really. I learned alot about life since I started HS & Im sure I'll learn alot more before I graduate. Things change, people chage, everything changes eventually. Thats life. I have alot of regrets but that will soon change. I am going to enjoy the rest of this year & then next year(my last year of HS). I really want certain things to change & I want to be happy. So I'm gonna work on that.
Well, I think I've bored you enough for now. Until next time, *smooches*

Current Mood: contemplative
5:30 pm
Yeah riiight
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Your relationships can be described as clean, refreshing, fun, and sparkeling.
When stressed, you feel panicked.
Take this test here.

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, March 20th, 2002
5:25 pm

I'm a punk/hardcore fangirl
I like screaming, I like kicking it up in the mosh pit, and damn do I like spikey hair.

What kind of fangirl are you?

Wow, thats just fascinating no?

Mes sick :( But I stayed home today :)

Current Mood: sick
Monday, March 18th, 2002
5:11 pm
Things arent normal, but theyre getting there
Most of my friends are pretty ok.
Dan I want you to know that I wasnt mad at you.
I think my family is doin a little bit better, w/the exception of my Granny ... her bunny died today.
I am going to the prom after all.
School is somewhat better, just overwhelmed with all the work.
I need a job.
I gotta help Kristen finish her English project ... its due tomorrow.
My step-dad is on vaca. this whole week. NOooooo!
& The dermatologist killed my face.

uh yeah ... thats all for now. buh byes *muah*
Sunday, March 17th, 2002
5:20 pm
Just thinking
Things never go right for me.
I can never make anyone happy, I am never good enough, never smart enough.
I hate being like this, but sometimes I just cant help it.
Well yeah, basically everything sux right now, some of my friends are unhappy, I'm havin family problems, but thats nothing new.

My brother has a date to my prom & now I dont. My brother dosent even go to my school. Sad, no?
I have a dress & a ride, but no date. I'm glad I didn't buy my ticket yet. I'll give someone a dollar if they take me to my prom lol. If worse comes to worse I can always save the dress for next year & hope that it fits.

Alls I did this entry was complain. complain, complain. Me sowwies!
Then again, it Is my journal.

Current Mood: aggravated
4:49 pm
this weekend
Friday: People came over & we helped Kristen get atleast some of her project done, but before that we had KFC yummy, then we had Peeps & got stuff for her project, then we had to go out to get soda. The night was alright w/the exception of a few things that are cleared up now.

Saturday: South Street ... we got our cheese fries(yummy) & I got silver stars. When we went into Tower Records some chick in there was like ... Hey Crazy dressed girl, wanna see a free movie preview? & After I said no thank u she was like: but its about lesbians. She can got kcuf herself, you cant judge or know somebody just by the way their dressed. I guess some of you are wondering what I was wearing .... Black shirt w/a red dragon, black flame skirt, fishnets, red/white striped sox, & my boots, thats not bad right? well its me. I also got a pin w/a girl kickin a guy in the balls from condom kingdom. Later on we left & went to Neshaminy. Hey Sam, u have balls! lol After Neshaminy, we went to Mills from like an hour hung out for a little, went to Wendys, then went home. When I got home I got changed, washed my face, & then streched my 1st holes to a 14g. How exciting right?

Today: did some nothing, nothing, & some more nothing. I gotaa work on some homework & projects(if the spirit moves me) & thats about it. tata

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, March 14th, 2002
6:06 pm
Good thing I walkes home from school today, I ate too much.

Current Mood: full
4:01 pm

Which Rainbow Brite kid are you? By Growing.

Interesting, no?

Current Mood: giggly
3:32 pm
Today is 3.14 (March 14th)
Happy Pie Day everyone!

Current Mood: geeky
Monday, March 11th, 2002
5:48 pm
I spent yesterday in a car w/Matt, Kristen, & Sam. & I cleaned and stayed in today .... but no school so that was a plus. Its frizzerin in my house

Current Mood: bored
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