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Easter Vaca is over :(

Wed: Cleaned & hung w/Katie & Sam. Went to Mills for a little less than an hour. Tara like definately hooked me up w/a "small" soda. & Katie rubbed some guys boobies, then we went back to my house.

Thurs: Slept & did some nothing, & More nothing then me & my homies went to Wawa & got FoOd & then came back to my house to watch tv & then farwell to them all.

Fri:Went to Nesham, got a rockin skirt, went to Wendys, ran into people, cuddled w/Casey on the bus cuz the guy next to me smelled really bad.

Sat: Got my roots done & my hair trimmed, went home & did nothing, talked to Casey, put on my rockin outfit, met Casey @ the bus stop, I did her hair, Sam came over & then we went to Neshaminy. Ya know me & Casey work @ Pin Ups lol. We met peoples up there & it was interesting.

Sun: Easter. Nothing too exciting really. Me & My step dad think my uncles afraid of Ham but whatever.

Mon: Sleep, dermatologist, WalMart, Sams Club, home, food, went up to Nesham. to by hair clips for prom, 2 girls wanted to beat my ass right Katie? lol, did alot of nothing, caught the 14, went to Dunkin Donuts, caught the 20, there was some drunk ass dude that Sam gave a token to that got on the 20 w/us. He was the biggest fuckin wigger. But oh so funny. Gimme some of dat it tastes good yo! Yo u dont need no more mascara, ur cheeks r rosy enough. lol! We could replace u w/a red light. I just wanted to know where u were comin from)the terminal u jack ass)! Whats the pink star stand 4? B/c its pretty. What about rainbow stars? Im gay lol Sam. & then yeah people were assholes but it was fun. I waved to that sexy ass dude w/the crystal eyes. I wasnt staring @ him, I swear lol Sam. I was real slick. Alls I can say was tonight rocked!& Sam u dont know what my dress looks like. *wink wink*
Well tomorrow I have to clean & do alot of school crap. I'll prolly only do 1/2 of it but oh wells.

Ahhhhh proms on friday already!

*sighs* Dont think too much or you'll get upset. Atleast thats how I am.
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