*TeeNie* (sunsetsky) wrote,

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Just thinking

Things never go right for me.
I can never make anyone happy, I am never good enough, never smart enough.
I hate being like this, but sometimes I just cant help it.
Well yeah, basically everything sux right now, some of my friends are unhappy, I'm havin family problems, but thats nothing new.

My brother has a date to my prom & now I dont. My brother dosent even go to my school. Sad, no?
I have a dress & a ride, but no date. I'm glad I didn't buy my ticket yet. I'll give someone a dollar if they take me to my prom lol. If worse comes to worse I can always save the dress for next year & hope that it fits.

Alls I did this entry was complain. complain, complain. Me sowwies!
Then again, it Is my journal.
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