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this weekend

Friday: People came over & we helped Kristen get atleast some of her project done, but before that we had KFC yummy, then we had Peeps & got stuff for her project, then we had to go out to get soda. The night was alright w/the exception of a few things that are cleared up now.

Saturday: South Street ... we got our cheese fries(yummy) & I got silver stars. When we went into Tower Records some chick in there was like ... Hey Crazy dressed girl, wanna see a free movie preview? & After I said no thank u she was like: but its about lesbians. She can got kcuf herself, you cant judge or know somebody just by the way their dressed. I guess some of you are wondering what I was wearing .... Black shirt w/a red dragon, black flame skirt, fishnets, red/white striped sox, & my boots, thats not bad right? well its me. I also got a pin w/a girl kickin a guy in the balls from condom kingdom. Later on we left & went to Neshaminy. Hey Sam, u have balls! lol After Neshaminy, we went to Mills from like an hour hung out for a little, went to Wendys, then went home. When I got home I got changed, washed my face, & then streched my 1st holes to a 14g. How exciting right?

Today: did some nothing, nothing, & some more nothing. I gotaa work on some homework & projects(if the spirit moves me) & thats about it. tata
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